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The Light On the Hill

The Inspiration

The Light on the Hill is the name of the vision that I (Misty Brown ) received over 20 years ago. I was awakened from sleep and began downloading massive amounts of information. I was told to get out of bed and get a notebook and start writing. For hours I was given information and a vision of an expansive healing center. It was meant to be a place that treats the whole person. I saw it clearly in my mind, down to the smallest details. I was excited and overwhelmed. What
was being shown to me was massive. How was I supposed to create this on my own?

Since then, I have been slowly building upon this vision. I have been sharing my vision with others and connecting with those souls who share the same passions and desires. I have been getting pieces of the puzzle, but there are still many more to collect.

Edgar Cayce had a vision and, in his lifetime, created what he called a “hospital of light”. This was a place where people came whose illness and symptoms couldn’t be healed by western medicine. Cayce used his gift of channeling to develop alternative methods of treatment and healing for those that came for help.

Last year, I was given another vision and was told that we are meant to carry on Cayce’s work by creating an extraordinary center that houses professionals who use their gifts, education and
knowledge to treat people who are struggling with balancing their mind, body and spirit.

The Vision

In my mind, this healing and retreat center is filled with sound healers, light workers, body workers, mental health and drug counselors, social workers, natural medicine doctors, art and
music therapists, and anyone who is skilled in the holistic healing arts. It houses light and sound technology for healing and incorporates science, technology, medicine and all modalities of
spiritual wellness. It is a place for all people, and I envision scholarships for underserved and at risk populations. No one will be turned away because they do not have money. There will be a
constant flow of funding that comes in and goes out to help those in need.
The Light on the Hill will be available for people to come for treatment, to take a yoga class, to get counseling or craniosacral therapy, to sit in the harmonic egg or relax in our antigravity tanks. We will offer classes, workshops and retreats. Our staff will reside on the property, living cooperatively and intentionally on our separate land.

Reconstructing Old Systems and Paradigms

I have worked in the mental health field for some time and I have seen firsthand just how outdated, neglected and broken this system is. As I continue with my education to become a licensed therapist, my goal is to combine my arsenal of clinical and spiritual experience and training and offer healing that gets to the root.

Modern western medicine and mental health is only scratching the surface and focusing on treating the symptoms and not the cause. The answer to trauma and pain is not only medication… it is the healing of that trauma and pain by discovering the source of it and experiencing what it is trying to tell you. Our stored pain and trauma is the source of our dis-ease and mental unrest. Our separation from our Divinity and our lack of community is what is making us sick.

The Reason

My sister died at age 37, after being diagnosed with countless autoimmune diseases and mental health diagnosis. She  was taking over 30 different prescription medications, from morphine to
antidepressants and sleeping pills. I watched her life force slowly dissipate and her physical body break down as these poisonous drugs destroyed any health she had left. I witnessed the death of
her spirit long before her body quit. She accidently overdosed one random day and that was it for her. She often forgot what pills she took due to her drug induced haze and on the day she died,
she took the wrong combination.

My sister was failed by medicine. And in a big way, The Light on the Hill is for her. For people like her who are trapped in the prisons of their own minds and bodies and can’t find their way out.


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How Can You Help?




If you, like many if us, believe in this vision and want to become a part of it, please join our collective and our efforts!

We need many puzzle pieces to create this much needed healing facility. We need money, investors, land, and the resources to turn this vision into real brick and mortar buildings that will
be a light in the darkness.

We need healers and doctors and those skilled in business and finance. We need visionaries and leaders to see our vision and recognize the need and opportunity to rebuild better systems that
address the multidimensional needs of the human body and spirit.

If you are inspired by this vision and want to help, there are many ways you can do that. If you have extra money, donate it. If you have a rich uncle, tell him about us. If you have skills and talents to contribute, we want to know! If you want to help us look for funding and write grants, we will worship you.

This is how big things happen…

It all starts with a vision.

Let’s make some magic together.