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Sacred Womb Cleansing & Rebirthing


Sacred Womb Cleansing and Rebirthing Ritual

During this two-hour ritual and energy session you will be taken through the process of sacred rebirthing and energetic womb cleansing. Your experience will begin with a private and intentional ritual where you will complete a sacred, private ritual that consists of music, lighting candles, burning sage, and dried incense and anointing yourself with essential oils.  You will participate in a burning bowl ceremony where you let go of things not serving you and create new intentions.

Through energy work, sound healing and a guided meditation that includes yogic breathwork and sacral movements, you will direct the energy of your pain, trauma and blocks. You will identify it, speak to it, examine it, find the hidden belief and energetically release it with my help as your spiritual doula.  These sessions can be powerful and intense and need to be approached with intention and readiness.

Self-Investment: $120