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Past Life Regression


Past Life Regressions

These are not your typical past life regressions. These are more intentional and focused on tracing the stored trauma in your energy and physical bodies back to its original source. 9 times out of 10 the root of our pain is much older than we think. We tend to repeat patterns of behavior and recycle our hidden beliefs that influence every significant relationship and area of our lives. We will bring you to the state of consciousness where you can access this information and get to the root of original pain and trauma. This process brings things out of the shadow of your unconscious and sheds light, understanding and healing on these things that have caused you continuous pain and suffering. This process of shadow work is about empowerment and freedom. Once your emotions are in the light, the power imbalance is shifted, and you are now in a position of being able to direct your own healing. You will also receive energy work and sound healing to enhance your experience.  You will be given valuable tools for following through with this information and the shadow work process at home.

Self-Investment: 2-hour session is $120