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High Priestess Initiation


High Priestess Initiation

During this 2-hour initiation, you will participate in intentional ritual that will initiate into the High Priestess energy and archetype.  You will complete a gorgeous, private ritual that consists of music, lighting candles, burning sage, and dried incense and anointing yourself with essential oils.  You will participate in a burning bowl ceremony where you let go of things not serving you and create new intentions. After your quiet time you will relax on the massage table and be given your activation. This guided meditation and journey will connect you to your inner High Priestess and you will be taken to a sacred temple to interact with your ancestors, guides and angels. There you will receive a gift and a message. I will follow up the session with energy work and sound healing. Processing and feedback time included at the end.

This experience has been created to empower and awaken the divine feminine within you!

Self-investment: 2 hour session is $120