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Viewing, embracing and creating art can be healing for the body, mind and soul. Wellspring Healing Studio creates art designed to inspire loving intention, great passion for life, and the search for understanding and beauty. View Wellspring Healing Studio’s latest art pieces available for sale on our Facebook page here, or commission a new piece designed specifically for you. 

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Memorial Arts

Wellspring Healing Studio believes preserving your joyous memories and honoring those you love by designing your own custom keepsake piece can be an important part of both celebration and healing. Wellspring Healing Studio Memorial Arts can preserve and honor your cherished occasions for future joys, or provide an important reminder of a loved one, pet, or precious memory.


​Wellspring Healing Studio Memorial Arts are designed in collaboration with you. You choose the colors, style and materials you would like to be included, as well as cremains, name plaques, crystals. flowers, keepsakes, photos and more. For Memorial Arts honoring loved ones who have passed, Wellspring Healing Arts will honorably handle the cremains of your pet or loved one and add them to your design. These resin pieces are solid and sturdy and will hold up through the test of time. Contact us for a free consultation

​Base Designs

There are three (3) customizable designs including: 

  • Pyramid
  • 3D Heart
  • Moon Phase


Please note, all pricing is subject to change based on customization and shipping and handling (if outside the Dayton, OH area). The total cost will be agreed upon during our consultation.

  • 6 inch Pyramids (large) start at $95.00
  • 3 inch Pyramids start at $35.00
  • 5 inch Heart Keepsake starts at $45.00
  • Moon Phase starts at $45.00