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The Imaginarium

Arts & Wellness Collective




Who Are We?

The Imaginarium Arts and Wellness Collective is organization whose mission is to provide an integrative arts and wellness center that will address and represent at-risk populations in our community and provide safe and creative spaces for recovery, empowerment and healing.

We are a collective of wellness professionals, artists, musicians, healers, teachers, counselors, and creatives who have found our purpose in bringing empowerment, education and risk-free alternatives to healing to the Dayton community

We are in the fundraising stages of our endeavor and currently seeking grants, scholarships and donations so we may move forward with finding a beautiful space in Dayton to house this much needed vision.


What big pharma doesn’t want you to know is that there are risk free alternative methods to heal the body, mind and spirit. These modalities of healing are ancient and ancestral and from the Earth.


Wellness is about caring for ALL of the different aspects of ourselves. It is about empowering yourself with tools, knowledge and power so you may begin to take control of your own healing journey. It is about discovering intuitively what works for YOU because YOU are the only expert on yourself there is, and you know your body better than anyone else.

Wellness happens in community. Period.

It is our honor to create beautiful, inclusive, safe spaces for community in which to heal.

It is our purpose to provide mentorship, accountability and support for those who are alone and in need.

It is our pleasure to create a space that belongs to everyone.



How Can We Help Dayton?

In the midst of this global pandemic, Dayton is also experiencing a mental health crisis and opioid epidemic.

Dayton Ohio is ranked as the 5th worst state in the nation for human trafficking and with the pandemic, the local cases have tripled.

Montgomery County was given the title “The Overdose Capital of the United States” in 2017.



A Community in Need

Currently, Dayton is lacking a comprehensive, integrative arts and wellness center that will address and represent underserved and  at-risk populations and provide safe and creative spaces for healing trauma and mastering recovery.

Our current systems are designed to be a hamster wheel that addresses only the symptoms and never the root, which is almost always trauma. Pharmaceutical intervention alone does not address the big picture and creates side effects that worsen the illness and pain caused by this unhealed trauma.



Our Mission is Based on Service and Mentorship

Our programming empowers individuals by helping them to draw out their unique gifts, talents, strengths and resources and providing opportunities for them to experience their value in the community.

Our collective understands that we must shine our lights so that we may illuminate others who are lost in the dark. 

 We desire to provide service and mentorship programs that will grow leaders and caretakers of our beautiful city!

What Will This Look Like?

This will operate as a collaborative space for those involved. There will be rental spaces for studios and business to operate from and community space that will be available to use to hold classes, events, workshops and retreats.

There will be LGBTQ support and events as well as representation for other populations and interest groups to gather that fit within the vision.

Mental health and substance abuse counseling will be available using enhanced holistic and alternative healing modalities. There will be a focus on nutrition, movement, herbal and plant medicine and natural alternatives to healing your body.

The education piece is at the center.

It is our passion to direct you to the tools you need that will bring you the knowledge, power and information that you need to begin making wiser and more balanced decisions for yourself. We want to take you from surviving to thriving.

Music and arts will be woven into all that we do as the valuable healing tools that they are.

We want to create a space for a music and event venue for open mics, spoken word, concerts and performances.

There will be practice space for musicians and opportunities for lessons.

There will be studio and exhibit space for artists and a wide variety of classes and workshops. We desire to provide many wonderful art shows and receptions.

The Imaginarium Arts & Wellness Collaborative is a one stop shop for the mind, body and spirit!


How Can I Help?

We need many puzzle pieces to create this much needed healing facility. We need money, investors, land, and the resources to turn this vision into real brick and mortar buildings that will be a light in the darkness

We Need You!

We need healers and doctors and those skilled in business and finance. We need visionaries and leaders to see our vision and recognize the need and opportunity to rebuild better systems that address the multidimensional needs of the human body and spirit.





Be a Change Maker!

If you are inspired by this vision and want to help, there are many ways you can do that. If you have extra money, donate it. If you have a rich uncle, tell him about us. If you have skills and talents to contribute, we want to know! If you want to help us look for funding and write grants, we will worship you and write your name on the building!





Donate at

Big or small, every cent helps!