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We work to empower the healing of body, mind and soul through one-on-one coaching, sound healing and energy work, facilitating a wide variety of classes, retreats, workshops and events, promoting art for the soul, and engaging in community collaborations. 

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Misty is Reiki Master of 20 plus years and incorporates various modalities and techniques in her energy work sessions. Her passion is sound therapy, and she uses beautiful Tibetan Master Healing Grade singing bowls, tuning forks and other vibrational healing tools and instruments to enhance your experience and recalibrate your biofield.  Her sessions include sound therapy, aromatherapy, art therapy and journaling, shadow work as well as customized meditation, visualization, and energy clearing techniques. You will be given individualized guided information for your wellness journey as part of your session.

Misty believes that wellness and healing can only occur when one embraces and understands our shadow side, the unconscious parts of ourselves that drive our belief systems. Trauma is intense emotion that gets stored in the body and in the subconscious. It creates illness and separation and keeps us from discovering our power and potential. Misty works with many clients to identify those hidden belief systems and draw them out of the shadow to use as tools for spiritual growth and healing.